VYMP-Music Competition

Proud to Present 
3rd Annual VYMP Music Competition
In Cooperation with YAMAHA Music Europe 
Date: 2. October 2021
Registration Dedaline: Results announced

Through its competitive programs, incentive for students and adult amateurs to continue to practice and study music, VYMP will be holding its 3rd annual music competition for all instruments and categories. The competition will be held on October 2nd 2021:

For more information and to register, follow this link  VYMP 2021-Application.

VYMP promotes music teachers, schools, and students of all instrument categories. International participants have the option to compete online.

Congratulations to Winners of 2021!

Due to the frequent changing of the Corona measures and regulations, the awards ceremony and winners concert will be held in late Winter or early Spring. Winners will be notified of the date and the venue.  

Leon Schachermeier - Place: Honorable Mention Category: Beginning Age.9

Melanie Meyer - Place: Honorable Mention Category: Early Advanced Age. 15

Shania Breinhölder - 4. Place Category: Intermediate Age. 9

Annika Breier - 3.Place Category: Intermediate : Age 9

Avi Esposito: 2. Place Category: Intermediate: Age 9

Victoria Herraiz - 3. Place Category: Early Advanced Age. 16

Yizhao Chen - 2. Place: Category: Early Advanced: Age. 12

****1.Place WINNERS***

Alexander Umundum - 1.Place Category: Intermediate: Age 9

Celina Hoferlin - 1. Place Category: Early Advanced: Age. 11

VYMP- Congratulations to Winners from 2020

Beginners Category - Avi Esposito, 1st Place
Michelle Gurvits - 2nd place
Shania Breinhoelder - 3rd place
Jaden Chang - 4th place
Intermediate Category -Russell Gubaydullin - 1st place
Nikolay Prokofiev - 2nd place
Alexander Suponitzkey - 3rd place
Selina Chang - 4th place
Adult Amateur Category - Greg Kolanek, 1st Place
Honorable Mention: Alexander Zhorov

Voice Category:
Ave Esposito- 1st place
There are no other winners in this category.


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