Semester Courses

Our complete semester (17 weeks) classes run 50-55 minutes. Individual use of a keyboard is provided.
Baby and Toddler Munchkins classes run 30-45 minutes. There is no use of individual keybaord in this age group.

Classes meet once a week. Steady attendance is necessary in all classes.

Baby and Toddler Munchkins (Age 5 - 20 months)

Baby & Me: 5-11 months

Set in a leisure environment, our interactive Baby & Me group entertains munchkins together with their parents using finger action songs and body movements. The leader of the group will introduce fundamental musical concepts such as high and low sound registers, loud and soft, strong and weak beats and expose different percussion instruments using images, colors, patterns, and lots of music.
This group is for babies who are not yet crawling or walking. If your baby starts to stand up by him/herself during the semester, you can request to switch to next age group.

Please click below for more details and current time table:

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Munchkins Playgroup: 12-20 months

This group is for toddlers who are starting to crawl fast,already standing up and walking, and becoming more physically active.
Set in a leisure learning environment, our playgroup introduces fundamental musical concepts combined with various fun activities and games to develope motor coordination, social skills, and sense of rhythm and melody.
Through songs, dances, games, and other activities the leader of the playgroup will show the class how to share, give, take turns, clean up while developing their eye-hand motor coordination, body movements, introducing numbers, colors, patterns, and images, high-low sounds, loud-soft sounds, strong-weak beats and more.
The group does not provide individual use of keyboards. Click below for the current time table:

Spring Semester | Summer Semester | Fall Semester

Kindergarten Munchkins (Age 18 months - 4 years)

Tiny Musicians: 18 - 24 months

Toddlers in this group are in a transitional class atmosphere from the leisure playgroup environment. They will be introduced to a routine based music class. The activities include singing time, dancing time, instrument time, taking-turns time, games, and story time while building fundamental musical concepts,building language skills,building attention span using images,intonation, and lots of verbal interaction.
This group is for toddlers who are walking comfortably and can also run.

Spring Semester | Summer Semester | Fall Semester

Music Time!: 2 years

This group is a structured and routine based music class for children growing out of their toddling stages. In this group, children like to imitate and want to be more independent doing certain activities by themselves. They are able to speak with more words and able to sing and follow along during singing and piano playing times. The activities include singing, dancing, and piano playing to develop eye-hand motor coordination and story times to lengthen their focus level.

Spring Semester | Summer Semester | Fall Semester

Listen & Hear!: 3 years

Children in this age group are emotionally stronger. They seek communication with parents/guardians and teachers using more specific words. They are able to understand patterns and opposites such as high-low and 2 and 3 black keys.
This group goes one step further and introduces pre-note reading, ascending and descending sound using traffic light and note patterns. Children are able to play simple songs using the keyboard instrument with one finger at a time.

Spring Semester | Summer Semester | Fall Semester

Do Re Mi: 4 years

This class will introduce first three solfege notation-Do Re Mi- through fun story telling. While learning to read notes and play simple songs on the keyboards, they are continuously reinforced with numbers, colors, patterns, images to further develop the language.

Spring Semester | Summer Semester | Fall Semester

Preschool Munchkins (Age 4 - 7 years)

I Can Sing! I: 4-6 years

This class will learn to read and play 5 Finger-Notations and play more advanced songs.
Through taking-turns to play their pieces during a 'Solo Time' in their class, children will build their self-confidence and self-descipline. Practice homework is required in this level with recommendation duration of 5 minutes, 3-5 days per week.
All students are expected to participate in the performance at the end of each semester.

Spring Semester | Summer Semester | Fall Semester

I Can Sing! II:4-6 years

Continuation of 'I Can Sing! I', this class continues to develop their note-reading and playing in the Treble Clef and are introduced to the Bass Clef using their left hand Do-position. Practice homework is required in this level. All students are expected to participate in the performance at the end of each semester.

Spring Semester | Fall Semester

I Can Play! I, II: 5-7 years

This class introduces chords and Grand Staff using both hands. Students sing and play more advanced songs and pieces. Continuing from the previous course, the second part of this level will also introduce the Intervals further developing their sight reading skills. Posture and proper sitting position during piano time is more detailed. Followed by the performance at the end of the semester, students will be given Certificates of Achievements. The children who finish the Musical Munchkins program have the opportunity to continue their music education with different institutions or at Musical Munchkins with private or semi-private lessons.

Spring Semester | Summer Semester | Fall Semester

Munchkins Puppet Players: 5-8 years

This new course is developed to cultivate, encourage creativity, in a structured environment through the practice and performance of Musical Theatre. The students will rehearse together as a group the scripts to tell stories, build props together and use puppets and musical instruments. Correct pronunciation, intonation, accent, and grammatical order are more detailed. The students who finish this age group level will receive a Certificate of Achievment and have the opportunity to move to another level of Munchkins Stage Performers. 

Spring Semester|Fall Semester

School Munchkins (Age 7 - 16 years)

Growing Musicians 7-16 years

This course provides the further opportunity to the munchkins who completed I Can Play I,II or the new munchkins who have taken some piano lessons but want to join the group. The munchkins in this level will continue to play piano and further develope sightreading, simple improvising, theory, and singing skills. The munchkins will have the opportunity to continue the course after the semester to advance further. We recommend also to enroll at Musical Munchkins Private Lessons program for students who are interested in further developing technique. Maximum number of enrolments in this group is 6.

Spring Semester | Fall Semester(Age 6-9yrs) (Age 10-13yrs)

Late Beginners Bloom 8-11 years

This new course is for pre-teenage beginners who are new to piano instrument. If your pre-teen child shows great interest in learning piano and sing, we recommend this course. The song selections are appropriate mixture of modern pop and broadway songs while learning fundamental musical skills through piano.
Performing opportunities will be given to those who wish to participate.

Spring Semester|Fall Semester

Tryout Classes

The tryout sessions are for parents and children who would like to get to know our program or to get a headstart before upcoming semester courses begin.

The 8-Week Tryout programs are offered usally from mid November-January and May-June.
The 4-Week Tryout programs are offered from mid October until November for Fall semester and again from late April until June. 

4-Week Tryout  8-Week Tryout

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Private (1 student) & Semi-Private (2 students) Lessons

Our private and semi-private singing or piano lessons are primarily for munchkins who have completed the standard Musical Munchkins program and are ready for a more formal music training. Private and semi-private lessons are adjusted for individual students pace and for those who may not have any prior musical education.

For private piano lessons, students are required to have a full size piano or digital piano to practice at home.
Students are expected to participatein the the end of term recital.

Birthday Party

Musical Munchkins hosts full service, music themed parties for children ages 1-7 on Saturdays and Sundays. Our talented staff helps set up, serve, clean up -- as well as provide musical entertainment and instruction.

Parents need to call or e-mail the office three(3) to six (6) weeks before the party, to check availability and save the date and time.

Once you have verified the date and time, fill out the Party Registration form and return it directly to Musical Munchkin with a €100 deposit to secure the date.

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