Spring Semester 2019 Pre-registration

Hello, Parents!

We would like to inform you that Spring 2019 pre-registration is now available.

To receive -7%  in the semester tuition fee, the registration deadline is from 1. December until 28.December.

If you are new to our program, we recommend tryout classes before registering for the whole semester. We strongly recommend 4-Week or 8-Week tryout courses to see the progress of your child, get to know the program, and to get familiarized with the music class routine. The tryout courses will also give your child the opporutunity to get a head start and prepare your child for the upcoming level. To sign up, please send us the online registration form.
For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: office@musicalmunchkins.eu or call us: +43 239 24 08 .

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