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At Musical Munchkins, we believe we can use our unique talents and skills to help others.

Our students learn leadership and presentation skills, as well as music and English. We are glad to support fundraising or promotional events for charities in Vienna. We can sing, play or even moderate, and we will create a program that fits the format of your event.  

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For German language media coverage of past performances, click here.

English translation of a UNICEF fundraiser article in May 2022:


Musical Munchkins: Charity matinee for UNICEF Austria

Vienna - Students of the music school "Musical Munchkins" and winners of last year's Mozartino music competition played for UNICEF nutrition programs to help in the fight against famine around the world. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The littlest ones sang and the slightly older ones played works from Bach, Schubert, Beethoven and Chopin to Robbie Williams on the piano with great enthusiasm. The performances of the two Mozartino winners were remarkably artistic: Celina Höferlin from Salzburg, who now studies at the Mozarteum and has already won many other competitions, played Scarlatti and Beethoven brilliantly. The young Styrian Alexander Umundum is a flute virtuoso and delighted the audience with a Vivaldi concert, among other things. He is also a multiple prize winner of various youth music competitions.

"Musical Munchkins" not only wants to offer talented young musicians a podium, but also give the children an opportunity to help disadvantaged children with their talent. "Hunger has also become an even bigger problem for many other regions with the war in Ukraine," says Dr. Anna Gudra from UNICEF Austria. "Therefore every single Euro is valuable in the fight for the survival of malnourished children." The donations from the ticket sales, the Sachs-kind sponsorship of two companies and the buffet donations brought in a total donation amount of EUR 465, which is made available to UNICEF Austria for the "NOW against hunger" area. This corresponds to over 1,260 packages of peanut paste, which, given three packs daily for four to six weeks, allows malnourished children to fully recover.

UNICEF Austria thanks all participants from the bottom of our hearts!

Original article: The musical framework of the young musicians spans from Johann Sebastian Bach to modernity.

Date: Sunday, 15. May 2022
Location: Yamaha Concert Hall, Schleichergasse 20, 1100 Vienna


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