Frequently Asked Qs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I bring siblings to my child's class?

A1: Please keep in mind that our program is structured and it requires full attention and participation of the parent/guardian while in class. Therefore, we recommend that you arrange childcare, i.e. bring a grandmother, grandfather, auntie, uncle, or a babysitter to watch over the toddling sibling.
Infant siblings are welcome until they begin to walk or toddle. In fact, we encourage you to bring the infant siblings free of charge. It is an excellent way to train ears for the very, very little ones.

Q2: My child is old enough. Do I still need to come to each lesson and participate?

A2: Yes. Our program is all about being exposed to all the good things in learning and to be enthusiastic about them. This love of learning, excitement, and encouragement to learn, come from us- adults- especially the parent figures. If your child sees that you are having so much fun in the class singing, practicing, and dancing, the child will realize that learning is fun and it's a good thing!

Q3: Do we need a keyboard instrument at home to practice?

A3: For the very young ones attending Munchkins Playgroups, Music Time! or Listen & Hear!; you do not need a keyboard instrument to practice. Your child will sing non-stop at home! For the older children, Do Re Mi, I Can Sing!, and I Can Play!, having a keyboard instrument is necessary, since homework practice is required.

Q4: We won't be able to participate in some weeks or months. Can we pay for just those weeks that we attend?

A4: Musical Munchkins is not a pay-per-visit type of program. Our program is a semester program with a specific curriculum for each age appropriate level, which takes carefully-thought-through planning. It takes consistency and steady attendance as a class to build skills and teach your munchkin(s) the value of learning and having fun with it. Therefore, we require that all registrants who sign up for regular semester program complete full semester tuition fee. We allow make-up lessons, however, for those who wish to fulfill the missed sessions due to any reason within the same semester. Please see tuition and policies for more details.

Q5: Can we try out before we commit to a semester?

A5: Musical Munchkins offers one time Tryouts. If you would like more of an overview of our program, we recommend our 4 Week Tryout period offered 3 times a year.

Q6: What happens if I lose my take home materials?

A6: Because take home materials are included in the tuition, if lost, replacements must be purchased. Replacements can be purchased online or through the office.

Q7: In Case of a Govermental Lock down all classes will be converted to online classes for the duration of the shutdown. Does that mean if another lock down happens, then either we need to force our toddler in front of the screen or we lose the semester fee?

A7:  There is no need to force any child to do something against thier will. Many children gravitate towards engaged and active virtual learning due to a high rate of positive reinforcement from the teacher. This interaction makes learning fun and interactive, with immeditate feedback. In addition, the parent is getting thier children ready for the digital world, which is the way of the future. This is unlke watching TV, which is a very passive engagement. The pace of learning is quick, varied, and highly motivating so your child will likely graviate towards this learning session. If you have any questions please let us know, and we can refer you to our in-house Learning Specialist. 


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