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"The music class is wonderfully structured. The fact that a parent is present in class helps the child relax and feel comfortable, and the wide variety of activities in class keeps the child's attention and interest. The music classes are entertaining for both children and parents!"

S. Grozev, mother of Christian (3 years old)

"Lars and I really enjoyed listening to Ms. Isabella's songs and stories and having attended one course now. Lars always sings songs at home and always look forward to the next class!" 

Mother of Lars (3 years old) 

"My son always prefers Musical Munchkins to the playground. He has developed so many skills and is very proud of them. So am I! " 

A comment from Musical Munchkins Teacher Evaluation 

"The class is excellent for encouraging concentration, participation, and learning to wait and share!" 

A comment from Musical Munchkins Teacher Evaluation 

"Of all the children's CD's I have (& I have TONS!), this one is absolutely THE best – a great combination of new children's songs & the traditional favorites. Educational, easy to follow songs, with lyrics to all the songs & hand motions for some songs on the CD insert is an added bonus. Whenever Stella starts getting fussy in the car, I just play the Musical Munchkins CD (on repeat!!), and start singing & doing some simple hand-motions. She immediately stops crying! It's truly the best CD with the best songs!"

Cecelia Puopolo, mother of Stella (20 months)

"First, I like your singing and the jazzy approach to the nursery rhymes. The way the songs are composed with saxophone and how you "underline" the text with different instruments makes them very interesting. In my opinion it's one of the best produced children's music CD I have heard so far." 

Carolyn Stuckey 

"Glenn loves your CD. In fact it's the only one we're ever allowed to play. He puts it on as soon as he gets up in the morning and it's usually still playing before he goes to bed at night!!!"

Karen, Glenn's mom 

"The Musical Munchkins CD is delightful music for children to listen to. It is very soothing to the ear and easy to sing along with. We love it!" 

The International Montessori Preschool, Vienna 

"Our son, who is barely a year old, absolutely loves this CD. When I play the first song, he already knows that it's "Music Time" and he dances around, clapping his hands. This CD also gave me an opportunity, as a parent, to become my son's first 'Music Teacher.' With easy sing-alongs and fun, catchy songs, I was enthusiastic to interact with my child in a musical way. This CD is an absolute must for parents who want to open the door of music to their child." 

Elizabeth J. Kim, Noah's mom

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