Musical Munchkins® Talent Show coming up on May 17!

2024-05-17 19:00:00 - 21:00:00

We can't wait for our amazing munchkins for their wonderful performances!

We here at Musical Munchkins know that each and every child has a special talent, and we want to promote these talents as educators. This year, we will be hosting our annual talent show on the 17.5.2024 at 7pm, where we welcome children of all ages to share their talent! 

We have several categories for our show:

-Piano performance

-Singing performace

-Dancing performance

-Other instrumental performance

-Art presentation

-Duets and group performances


Cost of Ticket: €25 parent and child ticket, additional sibling or guest 10€.

Click HERE for ticket perchase.

After performing each child will receive a participation ribbon, and the judges will award selected students with an Award. Due to organizational purposes we need each performer to sign up by 11.5.2024 to be able to participate.
Please send the child's name, their talent, and an email that we can reach you by to
We look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Musical Munchkins

Congratulations to all our munchkins for last year's wonderful performances!
Your enthusiasm and hard work definitely made the event a success.
We're so proud of each and every one of you for putting in the effort and achieving great results.
Well done!

Trophy Winners of Munchkins Talent Show 2023!

The 1st prize winners went to the piano duet  Alexis & Grace Gioltzoualou.
The 2nd prize went to a talented singer Boston Perry.
The 3rd prize was awarded to a new performer Melania Pona.

Congratulations to all the trophy winners!

Interested in joining our Musical Munchkins Family? :  Send Email to .

Our Musical Munchkins® team is really looking forward to organise our next year's event. We hope to see many more of you taking part and support our children and students in giving their best efforts! 

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