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Musical Munchkins was founded in 2003 by Isabella Tabibian Cho, a trained American pianist with a BA from University of Southern California, a songwriter with an MBA-Essentials from the London School of Economics, and a love of children and education.

After moving to Vienna in 2000 with her husband, who was the long-time permanent representative of Armenia to the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe, she saw an opportunity to pair English language learning with early childhood music education.

Isabella’s successful teaching methodology stems from her own formal music education, and the way she learned English after moving to the U.S. from South Korea as a child.

What began as a single class of five musical munchkins in 2003, has bourgeoned into a school serving 450 students per year and expanding to include music education for youth and adults. The school has six teachers, all of whom are native English speakers and musicians, and all complete 60 hours of training to learn the Musical Munchkins teaching methodology.

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