Musical Munchkins™ Program

Musical Munchkins was founded in 2003 by Isabella Tabibian Cho, a trained American pianist with a love of children and education. The program’s goal is to provide Early Childhood Music Education and English in the same course. Classes appeal to both native and non-native English speakers.

Children are exposed to a wide variety of musical concepts and basic English through singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and storytelling.

  •  Courses for very young children concentrate on rhythms, tone, images, colour and counting
  •  Children ages 3 and up learn to read music and play basic patterns on a keyboard, with songs and instructions in English
  •  The program focuses on three way participation:Parent-Child-Educator!
    Parental participation plays an important role in the success of the learning process.

Consistant attendance, classes meet once a week per semester for 17 weeks.

We use our own teaching manuals, materials, and produce our own music CDs with original songs!

Our Goals:

  • Children can sight read musical notes, be able to play piano and identify primary chords
  • Practice habit is established
  • Children are prepared for their formal, ongoing education
  • Globally equipped for the future: Creativity, Social Skills, Language adaptability

All instructions are in English. Parent/Guardian participation is required.

All children who are enrolled in the complete semester course with consistent attendance will receive a Student Progress Report at the end of each semester.

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