VYMP-Music Competition

We proudly announce
VYMP- Vienna Youth Music Performances

5th Annual VYMP Music Competition

You are invited to participate in Vienna Youth Music Performances’ (YVMP) fourth annual
music competition in Vienna, Austria, in February 2025! This event provides an opportunity
for students of all ages to showcase their skills and connect with other musicians.

Date: 16 February 2025
Location: Esslinggasse 6, 1010 Vienna

We have added some new categories this year to accommodate students of different ages.


     Beginning Level: Less than 2 years of private lessons; 5-6 minute program

     Intermediate Level: Between 2-5 years of private lessons: 5-10 minute program

     Early Advanced Level: Between 5-10 years of private lessons, 10-15 minute program

     Adult Level: Age 19 to 65 years, 5-15 minute program.

     Senior Level: Age 65 and up, 5-10 minute program.

All participants will receive participation certificates and the top three winners in each
category will receive a trophy with a personalized name plate.

The top three winners in each category will be invited to perform at the Winner Circle
Concert in Vienna
in Summer 2025 (late June).  Date and location to be announced.

Participants will be rated by a panel of local judges.

  • You may play any solo instrument
  • You may play any piece and any genre.
  • We do not provide accompanists, but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • All solo performances must be memorized.
  • Each participant will be given space to warm up for 10 minutes prior to performing.

Registration Requirements 

  • Any private music teacher or music school can enter their students.
  • All performers must provide three copies of the pieces they are playing on the day of the competition. Copies cannot be made in the building.
  • Registration fee is EUR 65.00. Payment is due once a performer is accepted into competition.

Deadline to apply is 30 November 2024 for in-person participants and 13 February 2025 for digital submissions. 

For application and categories, click the link below:

VYMP 2025-Application (printable)


2024 Competition Winners

Elias Hauner - 1st place Category: Intermeidate piano, age 13

Mikalaya Lu - 2nd place, category: Beginner piano, age 8

Philolaos Doliesen - 3rd place, category: Beginner violin, age 7

Maximilian Xie - Honorable Mention, category: Beginner piano, age 9 

2021 Competition Winners

Alexander Umundum - 1st place, Category: Intermediate Age 9

Celina Hoferlin - 1st place, Category: Early Advanced  Age 11

Avi Esposito -  2nd place, Category: Intermediate  Age 9

Yizhao Chen - 2nd place, Category: Early Advanced  Age12

Annika Breier - 3rd place, Category: Intermediate  Age 9

Victoria Herraiz - 3rd place, Category: Early Advanced   Age 16

Shania Breinhölder - 4th place, Category: Intermediate  Age 9

Leon Schachermeier - Honorable Mention, Category: Beginning  Age 9

Melanie Meyer - Honorable Mention, Category: Early Advanced Age 15

2020 Competition Winners 

Beginners Category

Avi Esposito, 1st Place
Michelle Gurvits - 2nd place
Shania Breinhoelder - 3rd place
Jaden Chang - 4th place

Intermediate Category 

Russell Gubaydullin - 1st place
Nikolay Prokofiev - 2nd place
Alexander Suponitzkey - 3rd place
Selina Chang - 4th place

Adult Category

Greg Kolanek, 1st place
Honorable Mention: Alexander Zhorov

Voice Category
Ave Esposito- 1st place


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