Music through English

We use music education as a tool

  • to build skills before children enter grammar school
  • to be able to read musical notes, instantly recognize chords, develop a sense of rhythm and melody
  • to establish the habit of practicing
  • to stimulate curiosity in learning
  • to unleash their talents
  • to develope eye-hand motor coordination
  • to increase focus level
  • to boost self confidence
  • to prepare for their ongoing education.



English learning at MUSICAL MUNCHKINS will help munchkins understand rules, patterns, numbers and sequences. Through our programm and our English speaking environment, they will learn terms, vocabulary, intonation, expression and pronunciation interwined with music education. With steady and long-term attendance, the children will absorb the English language through constant and consistent interaction in our courses. This will help prepare them for formal education in music, language, or both!

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