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Musical Munchkins™ is pleased to offer a franchising opportunity for qualified investors. Our franchise program is exclusively meant for those who would own and run this program either as a separate business; or as an addition to an existing school, children’s center, or daycare center.

Since 2003, Musical Munchkins.EU™ has offered a unique and original product to the Viennese market -   a program of teaching language and music simultaneously.  With years of business success, experience, and alumni, Musical Munchkins.EU™ has become a widely recognized brand in Austria.

Our one-of-a-kind program offers numerous benefits to students: strengthening of learning skills through early childhood development, learning of English in a semi-private structure, and practical application of music theory and acumen; all of which are attractive to parents looking to provide their children with an edge in their professional careers. And lessons are structured to provide a combination of enjoyment and learning for the students, making the program greatly appealing to the student. 

We have also modified these same teaching methodologies for the adult learner, further expanding the client base. The target audience in each market is virtually untapped, as no other program of its kind currently exists.

Within the program, revenues are generated from two simple sources:

  • Semester classes and private lessons for children or adults - Each Musical Munchkins school year runs two 17-week semesters per year, mirroring the public schools calendar. 
  • Selling instruments and our own copyrighted educational materials

Additionally, further revenue can be generated from our creative afterschool club program, off-site class offerings, summer day-camp, and special events such as birthday parties or private recitals.

Musical Munchkins has developed methods for establishing, operating, and promoting the business of providing music education and English in the same course, using their branded practices and procedures.

For each franchise, the owner and employees are trained on the operation details and teaching methodologies. We provide you with instructions, equipment lists, training, and documentation on our business model, class models, course curriculum, and lesson structure, books, and plans.  40 hours of teaching training is offered at your site at start-up, which includes train-the-trainer instruction, as well as teacher kits which include manuals and material. We monitor and evaluate your business operations for the first 3 months.  Each franchise will have use of the licensed Musical Munchkins logo, as well as examples, advice, and copy material for advertising, newspaper ads, flyers, brochures, coupons, direct mail pieces, specialty and novelty items, radio, television, and Internet advertising.

To enquire, please send us an Email to: LICENSING@MUSICALMUNCHKINS.EU or call us at TEL +43 (0) 1 239 24 08.

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