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Piano and Voice Competition 29.8.2019

Introducing Vienna Youth Music Performances 1st Piano and Voice Compatition 2019...

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Musical Munchkin - the original

English through Music-Music through English

Musical Munchkins EU, is a unique children’s educational program that uses music to teach English, and English to teach music.  The program's goal is clear, provide early childhood music education and English in the same course. It has its own trademarked teaching approach based on the premise that through the study of piano, children can learn music and language simultaneously.  We use our own teaching manuals, materials, and produce our own music CDs with original songs!  All classes are taught in English.

Classes appeal to both native and non-native English speakers, and children can join at any age. 

Our classes are fun and entertaining, but our primary goal is the education of our students.  Our mission is for students and parents to realize the maximum benefit for the long-term education and maturity of the students.

Any child at any age can start with our program.  We offertwo 17-week semesters per year.  In addition, we also have summer activities, trainings, and a camp.

We invite you to further explore our classes and hope you will become one of our many happy alumni.